Established Water Treatment Resources & Systems Suppliers.

The company started as eFluid Solution in May 2005 and was converted into a private limited in March 2007 as eFluid Resources (M) Sdn Bhd. Over the years we have developed vast experience with multinational and local companies in the local water treatment industry. We are distributors and importers for FRP Tank, UV Disinfection Systems (UV) & spare parts, UF and RO Membranes, RO Pressure Vessels, High Grade Activated Carbons, Resins, RO Systems, MBBR, De-watering Systems, Water analyzer and more.

Our range of products offered are globally established and renowned solutions including Microdyn Nadir range of highly established MBR and specialised membranes, RO membranes, Pentair Siata autovalves, Evoqua ATG range of UV disinfection systems, Ionpure® CEDI and VAF auto filter.

For your water treatment needs or inquiries, do refer to our products offering and feel free to contact us for further information.

FRP Tanks & RO Vessels

Wave Cyber

We are the authorized distributors of Wave Cyber FRP tanks and Membrane Pressure Vessels built under ASME certified facilities. With quality assurance & recognize brand name, we ensure only genuine Wave Cyber products are delivered. Our range covers from residential tanks to industrial scale tanks suitable for the most demanding of industries.

Mann + Hummel MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) & UF (Ultrafiltration) Modules

Over 50 years of expertise in water treatment industries providing the best of German technology in membrane solutions. Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), hollow fiber modules (UF) and spiral wound modules (UF) are at you disposal to complement and complete your required water treatment system.

Federal Screen (Wedge Wire Screens)

With exact precision, Federal Screen literally measures its success on meeting rigid customer design expectations. Quality control is everyone’s responsibility and is tested at numerous points during the product’s manufacturing cycle to ensure customer satisfaction.

Vessel Internals (sand filter, carbon filter, ion exchange units), Media Retention Nozzles & Inlet Distributors, Resin Traps, Strainer Baskets & Customized Support Grids. Federal screen provides wedge wire screens that is customizable to your requirements and application.

Evoqua ATG UV Disinfection Systems

A global highly established UV systems across all major industry from Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Aquatics, Municipal to Industrial.  Over 30 years of industry expertise in high quality Ultraviolet disinfection / treatment system. For your low to medium pressure UV disinfection systems requirement. From 4 m3/hr up to 4,000 m3/hr, ATEX units to the world most compact UV system – Evoqua ATG is one of global biggest player in the UV sector.

Energy Recovery Inc

A leading US specialist in energy recycling in desalination with it’s core technology first started with the game changing PE Pressure Exchanger which set the standard today for conversion of seawater to fresh water. With over 18,000 devices across the globe, Energy Recovery suites of turbo charges and pumps have significant presence across oil & gas, chemicals besides water industries. For more information on Energy Recovery  advance technologies and products.

Pentair Siata & SS Housing

SIATA was founded in Italy in 1980 and played a major role on the market with innovations, such as the use of electronics in control systems. This idea, duly patented, has enabled us to perfect a highly-specialized and extremely versatile range of products for the treatment of water before and after the industrial process.

Pentair Siata is a hardy reliable auto valves trusted for many decades with vessel support up to 63″ the largest in it’s class.

Gaia Carbon

Our Gaia carbons are high grade activated carbons used in variety of industrial solutions from liquid phase to gas phase. We have customers globally covering industrial water treatment, mining, f&b and manufacturing among others. Always ensuring the best value and serving to our customers requirements be it coconut shell or coal base, for more information visit

Ionpure® CEDI

Ionpure® was the first to commercialize continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) for water purification.

Evoqua’s state-of-the-art Ionpure® water purification modules use resin, electricity and ion-exchange membranes to deionize water by separating the impurities from it. Proven consistent quality, minimal downtime and most minimal chemical requirements.

SS Housing & Cartridges

High quality cartridge filter housing that comes in multiple configuration and material. Filter configuration customization according to clients requirements.

OLTREMARE (RO Membranes)

OLTREMARE is an Italian Company Founded in 1989 as a distributor of chemical products and manufacturer of spiral-wound reverse osmosis elements for the field of water treatment through its technical-oriented organization. Reverse osmosis is a technology that is used applying a strong pressure to the more concentrated water, that is rich in pollutants, letting it move through an osmotic semipermeable membrane to transform it in pure water. In this way, nearly 100% of the organic substances can be removed, as well as 80% of the inorganic ones, maintaining the optimal amount of mineral salts.

Ozone Systems

Disinfection systems that is dynamic and robust that will be highly effective in todays challenging environment. Simple, rugged, compact and easy to use, replacing the old complicated setup.  Evoqua Pacific Ozones systems are designed to meet the most demanding of industrial requirements and easily adapted for multi environment requirements.

Tubular/ Alternative Tubular Membranes

From conventional hollow fiber & tubular to alternative back-washable crossflow UF solution. We have the options for your treatment requirements. With pore size appx 0.04 microns and handling of TSS up to 150k ppm, we have membranes that can withstand the harshest of conditions. Do contact us for review of solutions. With current global climate, the need for highest quality production and minimal footprint is every bit more crucial.

Aqua 2000 Multi Parameter Water Quality Analyzer

Malaysia SPAN Approved, USEPA Method 180.1 –
Aqua 2000 is Korean dominant smart water quality monitoring system that covers 5 parameters within the same compact easy maintainance unit. 
Superior Technology All-in-One system: Monitoring & Control (5 parameters), Optimized sample flow system: One-path, natural flow system
Innovative compact size: A3 size, Smart & Convenience system
   – Intelligent operation: Auto & Remote Diagnostics & Cleaning

Yuan Chang Environmental

Professional manufacturer and Turnkey Supplier. Filter belt, sludge de-watering, solid-water separation system, automatic mechanical bar screen and more. The very best from Taiwan for environment protection system dealing with waste water and sewage treatment and covering multiple other industries petro-chemical, food, pharmaceutical, etc.